30 Days in Row of Self Loving Choices for a Weight Loss that Lasts!

Here we will share with you weight loss motivation tips, advice, and inspirations about self-discovery and healthy food recipes. Yes, this is what is True Self Weight Loss system all about.

The weight loss journey is not only about your body or food, but it is about self-love and self-acceptance. Extra weight is one of the ways that your body is using to grab your attention. If you ignore the whispers of your body, they become screams and if you still ignore them, you will get sick. Your body is your best friend, it will be with you till the end of your days, and extra weight is only the sign that you need to stop, breathe and make an inventory of your life. Yes, just stop and breathe. You understand that throwing away your weight scale is the best gift you can make for yourself if you want to stop emotional eating.

Here is an important step you need to take to get a healthy, lean body. In order to start slimming down, you must be open to the possibility that you can have the body of your dream no matter what size you are at right now. This is the step of surrendering your struggle because you give yourself permission to live in a higher vibrational state. Ask yourself ”Is there a possibility that I have the body of my dream?” You need to keep asking yourself this question until the answer is yes and you need to feel the desire of releasing your extra pounds in every cell of your body. This is where your weight loss journey begins.