Avoid tiring exercises, crazy diets and, reduce bodyfat

Bodyfat has become a very serious issue with human beings such that it features so many times whenever one thinks about advertisements especially in the media. The human race continues to spend fortunes to ascertain they eradicate bodyfat. That is why the very wide subject of non-surgical fat reduction continues to draw a lot of attention across the board. As this article sets to elaborate more on non-surgical fat reduction, it is prudent to get to know what it first of all before talking about the minute details of non-surgical fat reduction. Straight away from the phrase, one can clearly deduce that this method avoids surgery in fat reduction. One of the methods of reducing body fat is surgery and because of the dangers associated with it, the medical fraternity has been in deep research looking for a way out. The way out is refraining from surgery which will be addressed by this article in detail.

How many Non-surgical fat reduction modalities we have

 The modalities that we have included but are not limited to,

  • Injectable medication
  • Infrared light
  • Radiofrequency
  • Vacuum massage and
  • Ultrasound

What non-surgical fat reduction comprises of

Non-surgical fat reduction covers the following procedures,

  • Cryolipolysis

It is regularly denoted as “CoolSculpting” by the patients. It takes advantage of cold temperatures to break down the fat cells. The fat cells normally cannot stand the effects of cold which is a big plus when in need of selectively eliminating them from the body. The removal of the fat cells from the body is through freezing which renders them non-functional. Other cells and the skin generally remain unaffected when the freezing is taking effect on the fat cells.

  • Who is set to benefit from this procedure?

This procedure might be ideal for those patients who do not require the reduction of fat on the whole body but are focusing on a specific area.

  • Who should avoid this procedure?

Patients who have problems with cold should not opt for this procedure as it will affect their well-being.

  • How the procedure is undertaken

The procedure involves a number of steps that have to be followed to the letter. The following is a chronological order of how the steps come,

  • The shape and dimensions of the fatty bulge that is supposed to be treated are assessed.
  • Depending on the assessment, a choice of an applicator of the apt size and curvature is made.
  • The marking on the area of concern helps to identify the site for the applicator placement.
  • There is a gel pad placement for the protection of the skin.
  • Application of the applicator ushers in the vacuuming of the bulge into the hollow of the applicator.
  • The lowering of the temperature inside the applicator gradually induces numbness.
  • Initially, there is an experience of discomfort from the pulling of the vacuum on the patient’s tissue, however, it resolves itself with the gradual increase in numbness.

The procedure does not take a heavy toll on the patient as the use of the cellphone or reading or even watching TV can keep the patient busy while the procedure is going on. The final part of this procedure involves the turning off of the vacuum, the removal of the applicator, and the massaging of the tissue to try and return it to its normal stature.

  • Are there any risks to this procedure?

This procedure has a very high satisfaction rate with very low rates of complications. Some of the risks that could occur are surface irregularities or asymmetry. At times the desired results are not achieved 100%.

  • The recovery process from this procedure
    • There are no restrictions on activity, however, care should be taken not to carry heavy objects especially if the area where the procedure was done on will be affected.
    • Regular exercises are also in order so as to maintain or promote the even distribution of the body.
    • What is expected at times is feeling sore as if one was involved in a vigorous activity nevertheless there is supposed to be a smooth return to normal activities of the body.
    • On very rare occasions, some patients go through pain which is a case that has to be escalated as soon as it is experienced.
  • What finally happens to a patient that is considered a success of the procedure

For a period of 4 to 6 months, there is a gradual elimination of the injured fat cells by the body. While this is taking place, the fatty bulge reduces in size with an automatic fat reduction in the body finally bringing the long-awaited desire.

  • Injection lipolysis

Once the injection is administered on an area, the chemical in it decreases the number of fat cells. The chemical, which is known as deoxycholic acid has two effects on the fat cells. First, it disrupts them and the second effect is that it causes their death.

  • Who benefits from this procedure?
    • This injection is an option for patients who want to avoid surgery
    • It is ideal for patients looking forward to reducing fat under their chin
  • Who this procedure is not suitable for?
    • A patient whose skin is loose
    • One with a poor skin tone
  • How the procedure is undertaken
    • First, the area under the chin to be injected with the chemical is marked in a grid pattern
    • The area is then put under local anesthesia
    • The medication is then injected to the area
  • What are the risks associated with this procedure?

Normally complications occur in very isolated cases. A few of the complications that have been recorded so far are,

  • Nerve injury can affect a patient’s smile. In the few times that it has occurred, the smile is observed to be uneven.
  • In other recorded eventualities, there has been a difficulty in swallowing after the procedure takes place.
  • Recovery from this procedure

The recovery time ranges from individual to individual. At times, the weather also plays a role in the recovery process. Patients might experience several abnormalities that ease with time. The abnormalities could be, but not limited to,

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Pain
  • Redness and
  • Sores that will naturally soften gradually

It takes time for the effects of this procedure to be visible, sometimes up to eight weeks.

  • Radiofrequency lipolysis

It is a procedure that makes use of a radio frequency to heat the fat without the physical contact of an instrument on the patient’s skin. The applicator heats the skin from a distance of a centimeter away. Fat cells are specially heated leaving the other types of cells in the skin or other structures intact.

  • Who benefits from this procedure?

One who wants to reduce a localized fat bulge that remains a nuisance after vigorous exercises and diet.

  • Who is not fit for this procedure?

One who has loose skin or poor tone may not benefit from this procedure.

  • The effects of the procedure

The takes about thirty minutes to administer and it is repeated weekly for a whole month. The procedure does not have any complications and there are no general concerns from many of the patients that have undergone the procedure.

  • Laser lipolysis

It makes use of laser energy that is delivered with the help of an applicator.

Who benefits from this procedure?

The one who wishes to reduce a fat bulge that is localized on either the abdomen and/or flanks.

  • Who cannot benefit from this procedure?

One who has loose skin or fat that is located inside the abdomen extending very deep into the muscles.

  • How the procedure is done

The initial step is to make an assessment of the abdominal or flank fatty bulge to be treated. It checks the dimensions and shape.

  • Does this procedure have any risks?

The rate of complications is very low. There has been an observation of redness that is temporary, some tenderness, and at times a little swelling.

  • What are the effects of this procedure?

It works in the area where there is fat and changes start to appear from 6 weeks and are very pronounced by 3 months.

All these procedures outline the process of non-surgical fat reduction which continues to be appreciated in the market. The procedures are simple; however, the cost is what cannot compare with the one for surgery. In life, every option we take has its advantages as well as disadvantages. The advantages of non-surgical fat reduction make it more popular than surgical fat reduction. The procedures are simple to administer, the healing does not take much time, and complications if any are minimal. When you need to consider going the option of non-surgical fat reduction, this information could be handy.