Body Shaming- an Issue for Fat People

We all in one way or the other been affected by the issue of body shaming may be directly or indirectly. If you are so special and those effects haven’t been so hard on you thank the creator. The feeling is so hard on people who have so physical characteristics that may not be so appealing to either you as a person or any other people around you hence the body shamming idea comes by. But the whole idea of people with big body sizes is so weird. It hits so hard to the targeted persons.

Why the People with Large People are most affected by Body shamming Compared to Slim People.

Research as shown that despite many people been affected by the body shamming idea, fat people are affected more. It is because of the many challenges that such people go through from emotional, social, and physical harassment from colleagues. There are other reasons but for body shamming people to mostly get into people with large body sizes and weights, we may say they get more trouble in the whole idea of body shaming.

Diet may affect the Body sizes and how it may help to solve the issue.

In most cases what we eat will determine in big cases our body sizes, if you may be so oppressed by your body size it may be so necessary to check on the meal planning. A biologist would say that proteins that we take are so responsible for building our bodies making it the common thing that affect the body sizes.  Having a good meal plan may help us come up with the most desirable body structures that we may need.

The presence of fats in the food that we eat is possible to be regulated so as to help us shape our bodies as we may need. To do this we should come up with a Fat protein efficient meal plan as we may control the amount of fat that we consume into our bodies. Birth control and weight gain are linked but you should not get worried. We have 3 major reasons for this and have to do fat, muscle, and water retention.

Research as shown that the amount of fat protein that we consume can increase 6 to 10 times the regular amount of fats in our bodies. If fat levels are above normal, water retention in your body is usually more and this causes an increase in weight. This water retention is known as premenstrual water retention. The condition may bring about a condition called obesity which recently has an advanced effect on many people. Research as shown that more than 5% of the world’s population has been affected by this condition.

Why we all should ensure our Bodies do not get so fat to prevent the Negative Effects.

As I said earlier people with fat bodies are affecting mostly by body shamming ideas. It would be nice to help such people come up with the best Fat protein efficient meal plan to ensure they come up with a manageable amount of fats in their bodies. It may safe those many challenges that they may face in their day to day life. The challenges may include.

  • Discrimination – fat people are repeatedly discriminated against in many things, it may cause discomfort in many ways.

There was a recent case in Kenya where someone who was fat could not acquire a job because of body size. In public means of transportation, it is common where such people are discriminated by hurtful words, they may be requested to pay twice the amount of amount required while some are ignored and it becomes hard for them to acquire the best public transport services they may need. They are also discriminated in many other ways that it may be so hard to discuss them in a single day topic.

  • They may be so prone to some diseases- apart from obesity which people with a large amount of fat may easily get, there are also many other diseases that they may get like in most cases heart diseases. Also due to lack of adequate exercise within their bodies, they may easily get many other diseases related to lack of body exercises.
  • Emotional problems- it is a good thing to be emotionally intelligent, it helps in helping one to know when to react to issues to issues to react to. In such cases, things that may not require one’s attention always don’t catch the targeted person’s mind. People with a high amount of body fat in many cases lack the ability to control their emotions and react to things that they ought not to. They are usually short-tempered with the effect so much on how they stay with people around them.
  • Family issues- I don’t mean to be so vulgar but they say fat people are poor in bed. Yes, it is true that’s why it is so nice to control our body sizes to help solve the issue and ensure we keep our families in the best way possible.
  • Large body sizes can also be caused by stress or emotional eating. This is eating more because you feel stressed. It can be a big problem that makes you eat more because you are worried about your belly. When one thinks so much and may not follow the fat protein efficient meal plan and notice your weight increased its more likely to get worried and be stressed. If stress makes you eater more, then your consumption of food increases enabling you to hold excess fat and have more calories. To control this is to know that your body is only retaining fluid and fat. If not acted upon quickly the body size may increase to unmanageable levels that required difficult ways to solve.

They many other things that such people experience in their day to day life experience hence the importance to check on the fat protein efficient meal plan to regulate the number of fats in their bodies.

Ways that may help us reduce the Number of our Body Fats hence Prevent Body Shaming.

There are many ways in which we may practice and help us in a big way to solve a large number of fats in our bodies.

It is obvious by checking the fat protein efficient meal plan helps us for the most part solve the issue. Many people who have tried this way more than 70 % of them the way has been so successful even without trying any other method and within a short period of time. It is common knowledge that by all these statistics it is the best way to control the number of fats in our bodies.

Other ways may include:

  • Changing of appetite may also enable us to control the fats present in our bodies. When you take fewer amounts of meals we are used to, you may feel starved although this occurs to a few people. It has not been to proven but others lack appetite. If you feel starved then it means more appetite this then may cause weight due to more consumption of calories. When one takes less amount of food as used to, the fats in our bodies are metabolized in a biological process to help provide the necessary energy in form of glycogen that helps in building our bodies and any other activity required by the body hence reduces the number of fats in our bodies.
  • Changing our lifestyle not only by what we eat but also the daily body exercises that we make in a greater way affects our body sizes. 
  • Changing the mind set up may also help as many of such people think that there is nothing they can do about that condition hence they become so reluctant and come up with a way to live with it by either staying indoors and many other ways that may not be healthy to them. Appropriate mind set up may help them go for the many ways that help in changing their way of life hence solving the situation with more ease.

There other ways that we may use but the fact that we have to check what we take into our bodies is the best and we should take it seriously so as to reduce our body sizes hence reduced cases of body shamming due to the fats in our bodies.


Maybe many people who are body shamed have nothing they can do about it, but for people who have large amounts of fat in their bodies, there are solutions to their agony. It is easy for them to solve their problems mainly by checking on the fat protein efficient meal plan. By doing this it becomes easy for them to reduce the number of fats in their bodies. There are also many ways to do that which have been listed above. Body shaming for them would be something of the past is they practice all this.