Compare Weight Loss Supplement Guide

How to compare weight loss supplements? With hundreds of weight loss supplements in the market right now, there is a lost of confusion on how to choose a suitable weight loss supplement that suits your body, current health condition, and income. In fact, there is plenty of supplements on sale that is nothing but just a mixture of herbs but there is a couple of really dependable ones like Xenadrine, Hydroxycut, Hot-Rox, and other few that are produced from reputable pharmaceutical companies. One tip before you go out hunting for these weight loss supplements is that try to get the weight loss supplements that are sold in bodybuilding supplement retailers, web sites that focus on supplements. These retailers are more serious in delivering the top of the range of weight loss supplements. You have to be careful buying from companies that make a wide range of products because they focus is not on weight loss supplement alone.

When you compare the weight loss supplements, health safety has to be a priority first. There are a few ingredients that the FDA has banned such as ephedrine because they have serious side effects that are harmful to the body. The first step in comparing weight loss supplement is to see whether it have ephedrine or not, synephrine is ok because it is a compound that is developed to replace ephedrine. Then, you have to view yourself now, if you have any sickness or health problems like asthma, high blood pressure and any serious health problems, check with your doctor first before you even start looking out for supplements. Most of the supplements have Guarana in it, so you have to know your body whether your body can tolerate caffeine or not. If your heart always flutters and you get anxiety when you take coffee, you better choose the stimulant-free fat burners, carb or fat blockers, or fat loss creams. Some appetite suppressants and herbal weight loss supplements have caffeine in it. So now that you have gotten the doctor’s clearance, identified whether the supplement has prohibited ingredients or not like ephedrine, check the label to see whether it contains a substance that you are allergic to, and that your body cannot take. Some people that are allergic to prawns may not take chitosan-based fat blockers because the ingredients contain shellfish. To compare the weight loss supplement, you need to read and identify the active ingredients that the particular product is based on. Choose weight loss supplements that have Synephrine, Green Tea extract, chitosan, white willow, Hoodia Gordonii, Glucomannan, L-Carnitine, Guarana, 7-Keto, Guggulsterones, hydroxy citric acid, or Yohimbe. Of course, each unique product has its main unique active ingredients like Hydroxcycut’s Hydroxagen plus or Xenadrine’s proprietary Thermoxanthin Blend and Norambrolide, but the entire product label cannot be made up from just vitamins and list on L-Carnitine as the active ingredient. You have to compare weight loss supplements this way because then you would know how much you are getting for the price you are paying and not just paying for their expensive adverts. When you compare the weight loss supplement, you also need to know how many serving is per bottle. Not how many capsules they give but how many servings do for example $100 gives you. Some supplements require 4-6 capsules per serving and the entire bottle only has 60 capsules. These types of companies you should avoid because they are more focused on generating income rather than the benefits of their customers. Come on, only 10 servings per bottle, how much fat can you lose with that? Let’s compare weight loss supplements like Hydroxycut and Xenadrine NRG. Hydroxycut has 66 servings but Xenadrine has only 60 servings. Therefore Xenadrine is more expensive because Xenadrine cost $0.55 per serving, Hydroxycut is only $ 0.43 per serving. But Xenadrine’s contents have been shown its effectiveness by third-party research like research on theobromine and other related methylxanthines does prove to increase metabolism. So the extra cost justifies. But in to compare weight loss supplements like Hydroxycut and Xenadrine is difficult because both have proven its effectiveness, and in this case, suitability to a particular person is needed. One guy may feel super strong on Hydroxycut but the other person may feel that it does not work. But there are many supplements out there that you can identify it is a phony when you compare ingredients. Another way to compare weight loss supplement is to see how many ingredients that the put inside the label. The more related ingredients the better. For example, a fat blocker that contains hydroxy citric acid, chitosan, the white kidney bean is better than a fat blocker that contains chitosan, vitamin A, B, C, D. In conclusion, when you want to compare weight loss supplement, consider your health safety first, then consider the ingredients and the price per serving. One of the best ways is also to ask fellow gym-goers and also to write down the results and how you feel when you take a certain supplement so that you can compare them in the future. One of the best online weight supplement stores that do lots of sales, by comparison, is They list down supplements by top sellers, by price and by best value per serving.