Diet Recipes & FatLoss Foods

So what are the BEST and MOST EFFECTIVE DIET FOODS on the planet? Truth be told there is none that is perfect for every single body type. Every one of you has a different set of needs when it comes to stimulating and enhancing your fat-burning engine. Having said that though, the right diet recipes & fat loss foods are still going to fall into your four basic food groups and when combined, they turn your energy switch and fat burning switch on and into full throttle.

“Knowing where and how to prepare a diet and nutrition plan that is perfect for your body type, is not that difficult – neither is losing that first xx lb so you start getting REALLY MOTIVATED…” We recommend staying away from the fad diets and or celebrity-endorsed money suckers, and try taking on a course that markets through their brand NOT their marketing dept. Effective Diet Recipes start with educating you on what you are missing from your plan, and what you are just filling your body with that attributes to a slower metabolism and becoming tired often. It sounds odd but the food is supposed to make you energetic when dieting, not lazy, and sleepy.

The right foods will in fact make you want to get up and be active, do something with the kids or your friends, get out of the house, feel fed not full, be satisfied, not bloated…  Know how addicting good food can be, so we need to make sure that your food intake compliments what YOU like, with what works. Nobody ever said you have to stop eating the foods you love when dieting…

Think you could live on a fruit diet or a vegetable-only diet? You probably could but you would absolutely hate it! You’re not a rabbit, you’re a human, you need nutritious meals and plenty of them. You need vitamins, you need energy, you need to eat enough to enable you to at least exercise (even if that means just a quick walk with the dog or through the park). Don’t let the veggie plans fool you, they are not going to magically supplement your body’s needs by losing a bunch of weight yet starving your systems. offers a ‘Recipes to Motivate’ module in their plan which covers the most efficient and long term strategies when combining proper recipes with your diet plan.