4 Kinds of Food to Abstain for Speedy Weight Loss

Who says that it is very difficult to lose weight? In fact, you can lose weight easily and naturally if you follow an efficient and systematic weight loss plan. One of the reasons why most people are never successful in achieving permanent weight loss is their attraction to quick weight loss diets, also known as fad diets. These diets satisfy most people by showing them a dipping scale at the beginning, but once they stop dieting, they get back to the same position as before, sometimes gaining some extra pounds as a bonus! If you want to lose weight efficiently and permanently, just follow the four tips outlined in this article:

1. Starchy & Processed foods are to be avoided

Starchy foods have extremely high sugar content that in terms are easily and quickly converted to glucose by the body. Burning glucose by the body cells is how our body produces energy. But when you take too much sugar, not all the glucose is burnt, instead, the excess glucose is then changed to fats and stored in the body. This is the main reason why and how we get fat from eating starchy foods. Change your diet to include foods, which have more fiber in them instead. Food like grains, nuts, legumes, wheat, whole grains, etc is good substitutes.

This is also the reason why you should avoid eating at fast-food restaurants because most of the foods supplied in these restaurants are rich in starch!

2. Say no to alcohol

Alcohol is not your friend. The sooner you realize it, the better. Alcohol is rich in calories, so the more you drink it, the fatter you become. The same is the case with beer. Soda should also be avoided because it is rich in carbohydrates!

3. Eat frequent, small meals

Weight loss is only possible when you are ready to change your entire lifestyle, not just a couple of habits. One such major change should be the frequency of your meals. If you used to eat three large meals in one day, and fill in the intervals with calorie-rich snacks, you need to change that. You should eat five-to-six small meals every day. Doing so will help your body burn the foods more efficiently. Plus your metabolic rate will be high at all times! This way you will lose weight very quickly!

4. Avoid soft drinks:

Soft drinks are rich in sugar and therefore loaded with empty calories. If you hate exercising, you have all the more reason for avoiding soft drinks. In order to burn the calories acquired from a single bottle of soft drink, you need to run on the treadmill for at least half-an-hour. You can well imagine how much more you have to work out if you drink 3-4 bottles of soft drinks every day!