Fruit And Vegetables Help You Gain Energy

Let’s face it… building muscle is not the easiest thing to accomplish even despite regular hard workout schedules and trying every type of workout and supplement. Struggled for years to gain any significant muscle mass, but over the years in own personal training business and with experimentation have found some important things that have helped make significant muscle gains possible even for hard gainers. So, here are the 3 important tips so you can start building lean muscle mass faster and easier.

Specific vegetables that actually help to stimulate the burning of stomach fat? Sounds crazy right? Well, check this out below and you’ll see why it’s not so farfetched. First, one fact that you may have not realized is that there are certain chemicals in our food supply and in our environments, such as pesticides, herbicides, and petrochemicals that have an estrogenic effect inside our bodies. This problem can increase belly fat on both men and women, so pay attention.


Upper body horizontal press (bench press, pushups, dips), upper body horizontal rows (1-arm dumbbell rows, seated cable rows, bent over barbell rows), upper body vertical pull (lat pulldowns, pullups, chin-ups), upper body vertical press (overhead dumbbell and barbell presses, barbell or kettlebell clean & presses) lower body squatting movements (front squats, back squats, overhead squats, bodyweight squats, etc) lower body deadlifting movements (regular deadlifts, sumo deadlifts, Romanian deadlifts) lower body single-leg movements (lunges, step-ups, jump lunges, etc) abdominal and core exercises (these are important, but still are 2nd priority after all of the major upper body and lower body multi-joint movements… your abs and core will be worked from most major multi-joint exercises anyway)

The other 5% of your exercises can focus on single-joint exercises (isolation exercises) such as bicep curls, tricep presses, calf presses, shoulder shrugs, shoulder lateral raises, pec flyes, etc, etc. However, these exercises are only accessory exercises to do after the main focus has been the multi-joint drills. Train hard intensely 3-4 days/week for 45-60 minutes per weight training workout. Keep your workouts to no longer than 60 minutes as training too much beyond this point can trigger excess catabolism. You want to stay anabolic, but you still need to train your body hard and intensely enough to trigger muscle growth. Try a super-set style of workout program to maximize the intensity that you can train. My favorite combinations are opposing upper and lower body movement patterns that don’t interfere with each other, such as squats coupled with pull-ups as a superset, or bench press coupled with deadlifts as a superset. Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of these types of upper/lower body supersets done with heavyweights and high intensity.

So how can you fight against these xenoestrogens so that they are not forcing your body to hold onto stomach fat? Well, that’s where these specific types of vegetables can help you. There are many classes of vegetables, teas, spices, etc that have compounds that can help to fight against the effects of xenoestrogens. However, one of the most powerful classes is cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, kale, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, etc.