Getting Stress out of your life

It is known that middle-aged men are more prone to have high blood pressure as compared to middle-aged women. Statistics reveal that between 45 and 54 years of age, 23% of women have high blood pressure, compared to 36% in men. Men often die from brain attacks since high blood pressure can lead to a stroke. The difference in the lifestyles of men and women is a major reason for this. Men have a greater tendency to smoke, drink, not exercise, and are overweight, compared to women. These ill-health habits count a great deal for high blood pressure.

Traffic Jam anxiety

In today’s time, the amount of time spent in a car waiting for traffic to get cleared is very much. Due to the number of cars on the road increasing with time, more people spend time stuck in traffic jams. To keep a check on the building pressure of traffic jams, you can try getting up early in the morning and leave early, to avoid the peak hour traffic pressure. Also, avoid driving in the middle of the road. Aggressive driving isn’t worth it though it may fetch you a couple of minutes.

Workplace worries

If you leave a little early, you might reach to work a little early as well. So utilize the time in planning what you are required to do since pressure always builds up with unplanned work. If you feel pressurized, try breathing in and out to combat it. At lunch, don’t stick yourself to the office work and take a break. Try and go for a little walk or plan a kind of workout during the lunch breaks. If you exercise, the bloodstream is supplied with endorphins, which is great for health.

Be positive

Stress doesn’t always arise out of present situations. It may, at times, be because of something of the past. Remember that as humans, we all make mistakes, and the only way to get out of it is to accept it gracefully, learn something from it and move on. Always wearing a smile on the face helps to beat stress as well. Remember to take out time for yourself as well. Small things like having a little nap, eating something you like, doing something that gives you pleasure, could make you feel good. However, don’t excessively indulge in eating as over-eating can be bad for health. It gives some people immense pleasure when they are able to help someone. Also, if you volunteer for a good cause, it drives your mind away from the present problems and gives you a sense of satisfaction at what you have done. And most importantly, don’t ever forget to keep time for friends and family. There is nothing better than being in the company of loved ones. So do take care of all the important things in life. Follow this routine and stress is sure to stay at bay. This guide will surely help you to lead a happy and healthy life.