Green Tea Weight Loss Tablets

Today in the world of supplements, it seems that it is a new trend to try to come up with the most complex supplement that can be sold for the highest price. This way the companies manufacturing these products are constantly evolving and investing in research, and at the same time they are selling products that might not be much more effective than the other products out there, but they are different. Green tea is a great example of a product that is simple and it is really effective, and the most incredible innovation was done when they decided to make tablets out of it.

If you haven’t heard about the health benefits of green tea then you must have been living under a rock. Basically it is like fish oil – you can name a disease, and you can find a study where it has been shown to be helpful in the treatment of that study. Because it is such a strong antioxidant it has been proven to reduce the risk of cancer. If you choose to use green tea weight loss tablets instead of drinking it in tea form, you will not get the local effect that you would get from the liquid – reducing cancer of the esophagus – but you are able to use more of it and get other benefits from it. If you would drink the tea as a liquid, you would most likely have to take in five to eight cups or get the same amount that you would get from three to four tablets per day. That is a significant difference, and if you want to get the best of both worlds, I suggest that you drink a few cups per day, and take a few tablets or capsules as well.

Besides just having huge health benefits, green tea has been shown to boost weight loss as well. Many people don’t understand that it is a single compound called EGCg in the green tea that causes an increase in weight loss. It speeds up to one’s metabolism and increases the amount of fat oxidizing enzymes in the liver. It also does contain a little bit of caffeine, which is also a metabolism booster. The list doesn’t end here though since the improvement in insulin sensitivity is one of the most promising results that you can get from a supplement. This will help people who want to lose weight, fight type 2 diabetes, and even people who want to build more muscle mass.

You should keep in mind though, that even if the results are significant for a supplement, they are not as effective as many marketers can make you believe. You will get some enhancement in your results, but don’t expect the supplement to do all the work for you!