How To Lose Weight Fast

So, it was already almost the beginning of beach season, and still a fat blob. Still hadn’t shed your winter coat? Have you started desperately looking through those diets promising that they’d show you how to lose weight fast? Every possible eating style is preached about, somewhere, as to how to lose weight fast, from eating nothing but carbs to nothing but meat to nothing but veggies and fruit. Choose the fruit and veggie one. It seemed like the most plausible.

And you got to exercise. Not every guide to how to lose weight fast says it, but most do: you won’t lose those extra pounds half as fast if you sit on your butt all day. So start jogging, lifting weights, stretching – you name it. And at first, you feel like you had found the key to how to lose weight fast. The pounds will start dropping until you are within sight of your goal. And then, with 10 pounds to lose, does it stop?  You couldn’t lose any more weight, fast or slow?

10 pounds to lose isn’t bad you might say. But that ten pounds is all in a little wrinkly fold at the base of your stomach. It looks horrible. There has to be some way how to lose weight fast that doesn’t stop working when you are in the site of being able to wear a bikini without embarrassment, but not quite there. It is much too soon to give up, but you’re running out of time.

You guess experts on how to lose weight fast aren’t proper health experts, and that is part of the problem. You see, anyone who knows the human body well will tell you that, although you can learn how to lose weight fast, you should never use that knowledge. It is dangerous for the body, and anyway, the weight will just come right back again. But still, you have got something like two weeks left until you want to start going to the beach, and unless you figure out how to lose weight fast right now, you will not get the kind of attention you want there. You can see it in their eyes – checking you out and then stopping at your little pot belly – losing interest.