Is pita bread healthy?


Pita bread is a light flatbread. In most cases pita bread is moist. They are either made from wheat flour or refined. Pita bread is low in calories and rich in carbohydrates and protein. They also contain selenium. The concentration of selenium is around 28.2 microgram which is around 51.27%.pita bread also contain enough vitamin b and manganese that combine and work as an antioxidant in the body. Pairing pita bread with hummus increases its taste. They taste slightly sweet.

Pita Bread and Nutrition Information

Pita bread originated from western Asia. It’s also called Arabic bread. Wheat flour is one of its major ingredients. Pita bread is common in many Mediterranean cafes and also in Middle East countries. Pita bread may reassemble other related loaves of bread such as pizza crust Asian flatbreads. According to history archeologists, pita bread originated from a group on desert farming society in the west of the Mediterranean in the middle these groups moved across the desert to exchange their goods and services, in places like Middle East patio stoves were used in making pita loaves of bread. They eventually spread throughout the whole globe and up to date pita bread has been one of the healthier bread worldwide. That was a brief history of where pita bread came from.

When preparing pita bread whole wheat is used that so much promotes the nutrition. You can also mix multiple grains to acquire the highest nutrition level. Pita bread when baked, two layers have formed that form and internal pockets when separated. Due to the high temperature at which pita bread it’s baked, the possibility of forming internal pockets is high. The pita bread maintains the formed internal pockets even after cooling. This why it gradually flattens after can cut the two formed internal pockets into two halves that can be used as a base when preparing recipes. Many people have used them. The dough formed during the roasting of pita bread separates to forms something like pocked. This brings a unique kind of bread and this is the reason why it is different from other related loaves of bread.

Health benefits of eating pita bread

Consuming pita bread is healthier. The ingredients that are used to bake pita bread are rich in various nutrients that are very important in our body. This is why the majority of people from the Middle East and the Mediterranean likes baking and consuming pita bread. Pita bread is also rich in protein that assists the body to fight other protein malnutrition such as marasmus and kwashiorkor. Pita bread is also rich in carbohydrates that assist the body to fight other diseases and also assist the body to increase the body’s immune system. The following are the health benefits of consuming pita bread.

  1. Availability of low calorie

Pita bread contains low calories compared to other related bread and wheat bread. Pita bread has well been working to people who want to reduce their weight. Pita bread is the healthiest bread when it comes to decreasing body weight. Pita bread as I highlighted above, it made of multiple grains that are rich in minerals such as selenium, manganese, iodine, and calcium among others. Some the grains used to bake pita bread are also rich in vitamins especially vitamin B.with a combination of all these minerals and vitamin B, pita bread becomes also a preferred food for lowering high blood pressure in the body and also assisting the consumer get rid of the risk that can arise from excessive cholesterol since it lowers it in the body. Pita bread contributes a very low content of calorie like when it used when making sandwiches. This is because the contribution of fat is less than 1 gram or even 1 gram at a maximum. This is why pita bread is healthier in terms of low-calorie content.

  1. Rich in Protein and carbohydrates content

In a real sense, the concentration of protein in pita bread it’s around 5.5 grams. This concentration is enough to cater for the protein malnutrition deficiencies that come as a result of not consuming enough protein for the body. With this amount of protein, malnutrition such as anemia, marasmus, and other words regular consumption of pita bread is healthier in terms of providing enough protein for the body. The concentration of carbohydrates in pita bread is at 3 grams. This is why it’s advisable not to take a whole wheat pita bread. This is because the production of refined carbohydrates it’s low. This should be avoided since the balancing of the nutrient in the body is very important. Excessive consumption of carbohydrates can cause other body malnutrition diseases such as obesity, abnormal cholesterol, and diabetes. Therefore, balancing carbohydrates intake in the body is also necessary to prevent the occurrence of such deficiency. Also, a whole wheat pita bread can produce a fiber of up to 6 grams. This concentration can help your body reduce cholesterol, maintaining bowel health, and help the body in controlling blood sugar levels. All these aids in achieving a healthier body. Therefore, several intakes of pita bread boost body health through the production of the above-discussed nutrients.

  1. Nutrition

Are you aware that the concentration of vitamin B: folate, thiamin, riboflavin, and niacin is above 10%? Now you know. The concentration of selenium content in pita bread is around 16.3 micrograms. The recommended intake of selenium by the nutritionist should be around 45 micrograms. Therefore this intake is more than 30% of the accepted intake. According to the institute of medicine, one serving of pita bread contains around 322 milligrams that are around 30% more from the recommended intake. Therefore, consuming pita bread, the consumption of Vitamin B will be very high. Pita bread is healthiest compared to a whole wheat bread in terms of Vitamin B production.

Do you know White pita bread contains more than 10% of vitamin B? Yes, that’s right, it also has thiamin as well as niacin. Pita bread would have a high vitamin B if we compare it to wheat bread.

Availability of Vitamin content

Availability of vitamins in pita bread such as vitamin B that assist the body in the easy conversion of consumed food to energy. Vitamin b also assists in the proper functioning of the body’s nervous system and brain. The concentration of the vitamin in pita bread is around 14%.this why pita bread is known to be the greatest source of vitamins. Pita bread is the healthiest in the vitamin. Daily consumption of pita bread increases the concentration of vitamins in the body hence improving the body’s immune system to fight deficiencies such as atrophic gastritis and anemia.

  1. Rich in Mineral concentration

Minerals such as selenium and manganese act as an antioxidant in the body. The concentration of manganese in pita bread is at 14% and 23% of the selenium. This content of minerals is enough for the body. Whole wheat pita bread provides around 11% of the magnesium and iron minerals daily, 40% of the selenium daily. These minerals are responsible for strong bone manufacturing in the body. Also iron assist in the formation of red blood cells which play a very important role in transporting oxygen in the entire body. Daily consumption of pita bread is healthier. All the above minerals are contained in the pita bread.

  1. Fiber

Whole wheat pita bread is rich in Fiber. The concentration of Fiber is around 6 grams per bread. Fiber is an important nutrient that our body helps in lowering body is also responsible for minimizing the amount of cholesterol in the body hence lowering the possibility of getting heart diseases and other deficiency diseases such as type 2 diabetes. Consumption of pita bread is healthier in terms of fiber production.


According to the illustration above, pita bread is healthier. Pita bread produces nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that are very important to our body. Pita bread is rich in all the nutrients that are required by the body compared to other related wheat bread .one can keep away from getting protein malnutrition deficiencies by jus consuming pita bread daily. It contains a balanced diet. A whole pita bread carries all the nutrients. Protein, vitamins, and minerals such as selenium are very important to the body when it comes to lowering of the blood pressure in the body. It’s highly recommendable for a person to take pita bread twice a week. This will so much help to boost your health as a consumer. They will boost the red blood cells for easy transportation of oxygen in the entire body system. Again a strong immune system will be boosted and contracting deficiency diseases and other malnutrition diseases will be hard. Therefore, pita bread is healthier to consume. Pita bread is also easy to prepare