Is Soda Truly That Bad For You?

As people say, as human beings, we cannot go on one day without our soda, energy drinks, sports drinks, or our coffees. This just isn’t possible. We drink them every day so we can get through our crazy & hectic days.

But if you think about it, do all these drinks really have a big effect on our diets? Let’s run down the facts, it has come to my attention that a regular bottle of cola can carry as much as 200 calories! This is equivalent to you drinking a cup of water with 13 packets of sugar in it! When you make these claims people say, “Well…that why there’s diet soda!” Wrong! Although diet sodas are low in calories, research has shown that actually drinking these artificially sweetened drinks may lead the person to crave more sweets. The reason behind this is that the sweetener in diet sodas contain the chemical Aspartame. This is the low-calorie chemical used to give diet soda their flavor and Aspartame is said to be 180x sweeter than sugar itself. There was also animal research done on this chemical and it’s shown that high consumption of the sweetener may lead to brain tumors and lymphoma in rodents. You cannot imagine what it can do to us!

Next are the sports drinks, we all see the Gatorade commercials and they are no joke. They usually have some sexy model of an athlete sweating, running, and working out and by the time they’re finished, they’re sweating red or blue because of the Gatorade they were drinking. Well, the commercial explains it all on who Gatorade is for. It’s for athletes not for the office worker who sits at the desk with a computer in hand! A typical 16 ounce of Gatorade is said to contain as much as 200 calories. So make sure when you’re drinking Gatorade, you’re doing some form of exercise.

Coffee is the next subject. When mentioning these people are like wow really…coffee? Well not a regular cup of joe per se, but here what is being talked about is the melted milkshakes they call coffee. Okay, when you do go to a coffee shop what do you usually get? A Frappuccino double shot? A Cappuccino? A macchiato? Do you get my point? Yes, these drinks with the domes can contain as much as 400 calories! 400….these contain more calories than a can of soda! Most of the calories come from the fat and sugar making up the drink and don’t forget you have to have breakfast too. Depending on a breakfast sandwich in one morning you can expect to get about 700-800 calories.

In conclusion, we are not asking you to stop drinking your favorite drinks. Only saying to do it in modesty, because most Americans drink these every day! If you can cut some of these sugary drinks out of your life you could cut extra 450 calories! That is nearly one pound of fat loss in just one week. So remember to watch what you drink and read the labels. When you do think it’s a bad idea just drink water since it contains 0 calories and it’s always a good idea to stay hydrated.