Mediterranean Diet – Quick Diet Plans

To stay lean, fit, and energetic, balanced, healthy, and balanced diet is very important and essential. The Mediterranean diet – following the example of Italians, Greeks, and Co. – provides an excellent opportunity for a healthy and gentle way for your diet plans.

The principle of the Mediterranean Diet

In the Mediterranean diet is not a diet program in the classical sense in which we may take certain things in certain moderation and not others. The secret of the diet and nutrition is to eat everything too. But please take care of WHAT you eat. One should, for example, put much emphasis on localities were and fresh – preferably organically grown. It is not only a healthy diet plays an important role in life and sleek, but also a lot of movement. With some sports, you remain fit and bring body and soul healthy. Below are listed some foods that should be typically consumed, if you want to eat the healthy Mediterranean:

* Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and potatoes, pulses and cereals * Good olive oil for cooking, frying, baking and dressings * Lots of fresh fish and relatively little meat rather * Full-fat cheese and yogurt * A moderate amount of wine

The benefits of the Mediterranean diet

The biggest advantage of the Mediterranean diet is that it – as already mentioned above – not a typical dietary concern, but rather a food style in which you do not desperately to specific products. The nutritional basis of this diet is varied, provides the body with all essential nutrients, and offers an almost infinite variety of cooking possibilities. By switching to healthy, whole foods body learns gentle to lose weight. It is therefore no – like many other diets – the danger of too rapid weight loss, which in turn to malnutrition. If you want to remove DGE, it is about 500 g per week in a healthy and good frame.

Another distinct advantage of the Mediterranean

Diet is that much emphasis is placed on exercise and sport. Only those who are sufficiently moved can decrease long-term and successful and keep his ideal weight. As a reward for the change in diet, even a glass of wine is allowed: So it is established that wine – of course, beneficial in moderation (about 1 / 8 liters of wine per day for women, about one-quarter liter of wine per day for men) – an effect on the health exercises.

Enjoy and does your diet plan for the sake of getting your body ideal without gaining other health problems.