Nutrition diseases caused by poor meal plan


The presence of less or no protein is the meal that we take causes some conditions in our bodies. Protein calorie malnutrition is a nutritional status where there is a decrease of some of the nutrients in the body that leads changes in the body functions and body composition. Protein calorie malnutrition in most cases comes as a result of wasting and growth failure. It may also occur as a result of protein deficiency where there is damage to tissues.

Pediatric Protein-Calorie Malnutrition

Protein calorie malnutrition I also called protein-energy malnutrition. This malnutrition is caused in most cases by lack of enough energy and protein in the body. This happens when the body fails to meet its nutritional needs and this affects children mostly compared to adults. These protein and energy are measured by calories. When a child’s protein and calorie intake is low obvious it will be inadequate for the body this time a child can be infected by protein-calorie malnutrition. Little consumption of both protein and calories by a child can also lead to protein and calories inadequate in the body and a child can also be infected although this rarely occurs it’s also important to note. Protein Calorie malnutrition can be a life-threatening anxiety disorder if it’s not taken care of at the early stage.

Causes of protein-calorie malnutrition.

The main cause of the situation is mostly based on the protein idea.

Lack of protein or enough protein in your diet.

Every cell in our body requires protein. A well-balanced diet should contain adequate protein for our body. Protein is so much required by the body it’s repairing damaged cells and also it’s required when making new cells in our body. Also, pregnant women and growing children require protein so much. Lack of enough protein in the body, the normal functioning of the body may fail to work well or even shut down. At this time you are likely to have kwashiorkor which is a branch of protein-calorie malnutrition. So the lack of enough protein in our diet may affect the normal functioning of our body cells.

Clinical features of the protein-calorie malnutrition


The term kwashiorkor according to Dr. Cicely Williams means a kind of a sickness that mostly develops when another child is born.

Kwashiorkor can be characterized by the following features

  • Edema
  • Mental problems and changes
  • Growth failure
  • Hair color turning brown
  • Pigmentation of the body skin

The above are some of the deficiency features. Secondary infections such as diarrhea and anorexia may also occur that might lead to exophthalmia which is a vitamin A deficiency. These results may lead to one be affected by anemia also.


Marasmus is another kind of protein-calorie malnutrition that is common with children between the ages of one to two years. Death of the child’s mother or even lactation failure may lead to marasmus affecting a child under the age of even one year. Lack of enough milk to breastfeed infants may cause them affected by marasmus. This is due to the lack of enough milk to comply and meet the required nutrition by an infant. That is why breastfeeding mothers are encouraged to eat enough balanced diet.

Signs of marasmus

Diagnostic signs

Marasmus Kwashiorkor

Concerning the noble marasmus and kwashiorkor which are deficiency diseases, it’s hard for one to control without checking on the meals they take because they are related to food or balanced diet inefficiency. The protein-calorie malnutrition comes by when one consumes less protein than that required by the body. The marasmus and kwashiorkor have some of the symptoms like the muscle wasting and of kwashiorkor such as edema are easily noticeable. The condition is worse as one gets both symptoms. To ensure a patient is free from the condition it’s important to check on the diet they take and in any case the amount of food they take in a day to avoid constipation.

How to prevent or cure the malnutrition.

Protein calorie malnutrition can always be controlled or prevented by only trying to solve some problems people go through in their daily experiences. They include mainly the socio-economic problems that people experience in their daily activities. They include the urge to eradicate poverty, the enhancement of the affected population to have the power to purchase required things or the foodstuffs advice to and mostly to provide necessary nutrition education to the targeted group of people. The condition is mostly attributed to the presence of inadequate food that people take and also may be attributed to the poor living conditions by such people, the environment where people stay may also affect the condition of the protein-calorie malnutrition if it may not be as hygienic as required and in most cases the lack of good available health care.

The protein-calorie malnutrition is a condition that can be controlled adequately and may never affect anyone again. It may not be so simple for some people but the moment on follows the right advice from the best-qualified nutritionist it becomes easy for them to control it or even never get the deficiency. There are many ways to control the condition or just in case one gets to that level which may not be so critical may get to a better situation. However, the following measures could be taken to deal with this nutritional problem.

The ways may include;

  • Supplementary Feeding– since the conditions are mostly attributed to the feeding program of an individual, just in case the condition comes about it is important for the affected person to check on the feeding program and if necessary to get surplus feeding programs. The protein-calorie malnutrition can only be as a result of poor feeding to control it becomes important to get supplementary food programs to sustain the necessary amount of protein calories required to be metabolized by the body. In places where the condition has been affecting the people like some African countries and other countries from the Middle East the introduction of the program to introduce surplus feeding as helped many people from getting or solving the condition.
  • Nutrition Education-Education is the best process to curb any situation that can be controlled and to remove ignorance between people. With a good education about nutrition, people will get the necessary information on the whole idea of the best feeding program. Since the protein-calorie malnutrition can affect people of any age it becomes an idea to help the young people who control it even those children who are breastfeeding should be taken care of because they may also get it. It should be done exclusively for babies less than six months for four to six months consecutively without introducing any other form of feeding to them.
  • Observation of good hygiene– for a healthy living people should observe that the environment that they are living in is hygienic all the time. The hygiene will always include the food they consume should be clean and of proper diet. The best environment gives a good place to ensure the best diet is followed.
  • Need to raise the standards of living of people– people will only take the types of meals they want or that is expected of them if only they are capable of getting enough money to purchase the required food. It maybe not under their capability to raise their standards of living depending on the d[sate of the social mobility in the area they come from but the governments of the day need to provide cheap and affordable food sources to their citizens.

There may be more ways to control The protein-calorie malnutrition but the listed above could work best for people who may be staying with the condition or those who want not to get to the situation.


Maybe many of people may not be aware of the protein calories malnutrition condition but it is any many people in some parts of the world may be facing it in advanced ways but they may think it is a thing they can do about it, but for such people who have those symptoms that we have discussed above it becomes easy for them to control it and get the solutions to their agony. It is easy for them to solve their problems mainly by checking on the fat protein efficient meal program and ensuring that the meals that they are taking as enough proteins. By doing this it becomes easy for them to prevent the occurrence of the condition in their bodies. There are also many ways to do that which have been listed above. If all the instructions would be followed it would be easy to have a healthy living and the protein-calorie malnutrition would not be an issue to discuss in the future.