Soup Diets For Fast Weight Loss

Do you know what ghrelin is? It is a hormone that is produced by the stomach walls whenever the stomach is empty. Whenever the body craves food, it delivers ghrelin via the bloodstream to the brain’s appetite center (hypothalamus) and this action then triggers hunger pangs. Many medical practitioners however are of the opinion that a soup diet reduces ghrelin production and thus can help to suppress hunger symptoms.

Research too has proven that the stomach empties itself much more slowly when you have soup than when you eat solid foods. However, most of the soup diets for fast weight loss are a one-week diet program and the method of making such soups is no different from the regular soup recipes that many of us incorporate in the regular meal menu. The only trick is to select and use the right ingredients while preparing soups. Any of the vegetables and food items that contain zero calories can be used for making soups. Hence, you will feel satiated after consuming them but such soups will not provide many calories to the body. A major concern with soup diets is that the loss in weight is contributed by water weight and the dieter will gain weight after he/she starts consuming regular food.

If you have been planning to follow a soup diet from before, you may already be aware of regarding cabbage soup diet for weight loss. Containing a low amount of fat and high fiber, the cabbage soup diet is claimed to be an effectual option for temporary weight loss and can help you to lose considerable weight in a short period of time. On the downside story, each of the weight-loss diets has its own negative traits and the cabbage soup diet isn’t an exception to this phenomenon. Leaving aside the bland taste, many people complain about weakness, lightheadedness, and reduced concentration during and after the cabbage soup diet plan.

So, this was all about soup diets for fast weight loss. Even though eating soup for weight loss gives positive effects, the key rules for weight control remain the same; i.e. eat right and regular exercise. Blaming on a hectic schedule is not a solution, which most of us give for having fast foods and also, for not exercising regularly. Rather, think practically and act accordingly. Making small lifestyle changes regarding eating habits, diet plans, unhealthy habits (smoking, alcohol consumption, etc.), and most importantly, taking time out for performing physical activities will definitely help in losing weight and maintaining good health. Soups diet can be a temporary solution for fast weight loss but never a permanent one and hence it is advised that you continue to follow conventional means of losing weight.