Stay Slim and Fit by Eating Breakfast Daily

Eating Breakfast

The importance of eating breakfast is very high and those who think that skipping breakfast is necessary to live in fools’ paradise. It is much vital for all of us – each age-group. Leaving the home without having a proper breakfast is not recommended at all. No matter if you are on any diet-plan, what matters the most is having a proper healthy breakfast daily before leaving for school, college, or work. In short, the importance of breakfast is there and we cannot take our eyes off it. Let’s learn how it is important.

Breaking a Fast

The literary means of breakfast is breaking an overnight fast. This is the first meal of your day, which is why it must be eaten properly. Therefore it is important for you to spend your whole day energetically and healthily. Medical science also says that the food gets better digested in the morning. In this scenario and under the light of medical studies, breakfast cannot be skipped and should be eaten daily. There is no need to stay away from a good breakfast in the morning thinking it would increase your weight. Eat whatever food you like for breakfast such as parathas, eggs, laddoos, lassi, and milk, etc. You are free to eat breakfast in the morning because our body constantly uses energy throughout the night for the vital body functions such as breathing and pumping blood to all of our body parts.

While You Sleep

While we sleep at night, our body is starving the whole night using an entire lot of our stored energy for performing the important body functions. Therefore fueling up our body in the morning when we get up is the most important thing and must be our first priority. Fueling up the body with breakfast helps maintain the proper blood sugar level. Besides breakfast helps us stay away from tiredness and fatigue the whole day. Not only is breakfast important for the kids, but it also is equally vital for the adults. People who eat a healthy breakfast in the morning, perform much better than the those that do not, have better concentration and higher levels of problem-solving expertise than those that are not eating breakfast.

Breakfast Myth

Forget the myth that says eating breakfast in the morning makes you gain weight, rather the people who skip breakfast are more inclined to gaining weight than those who eat breakfast daily. This means eating breakfast makes you svelte and smart and prevents you from gaining extra pounds. Breakfast lessens your hunger (which happens extremely high for those who skip breakfast) on your entire day. Thus you make good choices for a tasty lunch and dinner. Mind you, the people who skip breakfast to save fewer calories feel more hungry at lunch and dinner time. Hence, they eat more throughout the day which leads them to add many pounds onto their body. Well, a person’s last meal in a day is dinner and around 12 hours difference exists between breakfast and dinner. Therefore the people with skipped breakfast, this duration stretches to around 16 hours. Remember, our body needs energy throughout the day because of constantly doing work. In this scenario, if we skip our breakfast, the extended time duration between breakfast and dinner will lead us to get tired and fatigued. Tiredness will surely affect our work, daily routine, and quality of life.

You will stay in a good mood throughout the day if you eat your breakfast in the morning. By eating breakfast, you get complex carbohydrate cereals which generate positive effects on your mood.

Let’s talk about a few of the healthier breakfast in disk restaurants options:

Apple with oats milk

Milkshake and Moong Cheela

Chapattis or Parathas with egg white Omellete served with orange juice

Parathas with Lassi

Don’t skip breakfast and be healthy and energetic throughout the day.