The Dog Motivators

If you find it difficult to hit the gym or get enough exercise every day, be quick, and get a dog as a pet. It will not only be a companion and a trustworthy partner but also your reason for exercising and activity. The workouts would then be no longer boring but would be fun-filled and joyful. Moreover, you would not have to continuously look for a company for your workouts; it would always be there for you, whenever you decide to get going. Well, it turns out that not only dogs can be your walking companion to cut pounds but also help you in other fun-loving ways of exercising.

The Doggie Tumble

Believe it or not, there are specific classes that are designed for you and your dog together. For that matter, if you don’t have one, you can also borrow your neighbor’s dog if you are comfortable enough with it. Well in these classes you and your dog both help each other. The proponents of this workout believe that if your dog is fat and inactive, you are too, and just walking your dog around does not render you fit. In some of the moves, the dog helps you towards an effective stretch, and other times it has to sit under your knees for that right degree of crunch. In turn, you too help the dog out with his moves, by either holding its limbs in some poses or to ease its tummy in other poses. So you and your dog support one another. Hence the benefit of this session is that you don’t have to leave your dog at home alone when you are hitting the gym. As an added advantage both of you would gain leaner muscles.

The Tough Doggie

Well, there are some programs you’ve already known about which reward you for your dog’s appearance or its performance. So hear this too. There are some other programs that punish you when your dog is not performing well. The plan goes like this; if your dog is tough enough enroll it in hound boot camp, where it has to perform bravery acts as per the command. But, if your dog fails to do that, you are instead punished with pushups and squats. So with this, your body benefits directly and indirectly. First, you would have to be active yourself to make the dog tough with repeated practices, so your workout continues. Second, if it does not perform well, you get exercises as punishments, so again your body benefits.

So aren’t these fun-loving ideas to keep you boosted with energy and elevated moods? So why wait, get a dog or if you already have one, go for the classes and camps. Enjoy yourself while you lose weight!!