“The Spark” – Real Life Tips For Permanent Weight Loss

Lesson Learned from “The Spark”

Are you a dieter or simply seeking to lead a healthy lifestyle? The answer to this question distinguishes the successful “losers” from those who fail to lose weight. People who described themselves as “dieters” were actually less likely to reach their weight loss goals in the first place. Members seeking healthy lifestyle changes emphasized the development of habits such as: focusing on positive accomplishments (“you’ve lost 5 pounds and can comfortably button your jeans” rather than “you are disappointed because you’ve only lost 1 pound this week.”), eating more nutritious fruits and veggies, cooking more healthy recipes at home, eating a filling breakfast to jump-start the metabolism, and making sure to drink enough water throughout the day.

In contrast, dieters we’re more likely to rely on “willpower” to reach their weight loss goals. The ironic part is that the focus on willpower ends up with dieters going AWOL before they ever reach their ideal weight. Those who failed to lose weight also were overly focused on the scale as the sole indicator of progress rather than other milestones such as being able to finish a 30-minute workout, increasing the intensity on the treadmill, or being able to run up the stairs without getting winded. If there is something to learn from an in-depth reading of “The Spark” it is to focus on positive attitude, congratulate progress, and build on the momentum of healthier habits rather than maintain a single-minded focus on a number on the scale.