Tips of Living A Natural And Healthy Lifestyle

Health, which could be referred to as not just the absence of illness and diseases but a complete state of wholeness physically, socially, and mentally. It also has to do with the ability of an individual’s body to militate or bounce back from illness. However, there are several ways of being healthy. But the best is to make natural health a lifestyle.

What Is Natural Health, Complementary Health And Also Conventional Health?

Natural health is regarded as a means of using curative innate human body power in taking care of one’s health with the use of natural therapies in order to restore an individual to complete wholeness. There are several practitioners that focus on natural health care and some do specialize in one or two aspects while others might combine some therapy styles together in order to treat a patient. It’s important to also say, natural health therapies could be used alone or sometimes added with traditional healthcare. Conventional medicine, on the other hand, is a system of medicine that involves health care professionals and personnel such as doctors, nurse, therapists and pharmacist coming together or working individually on sick or unhealthy people in a bid to make them healthy this could include the use of tools and machinery, drugs and radiation processes. Another name for conventional medicine is called Allopathic medicine, western medicine, or orthodox medicine and biomedicine. WhileComplementary medicine is always combined with conventional medical care and sometimes with the addition of one or some alternatives. Complementary medicine is the use of any health care practice alongside standard medical treatment. Examples include:

  • Homeopathy, naturopathy, and traditional Chinese medicine are also forms of alternative medicine.
  • Also practices of the mind and body such as massage therapy, tai chi, and also acupuncture.
  • Lastly, health products that are natural such as dietary supplements, probiotics, and herbs.

What Are The Types Of Health Therapies Available And Their Uses?

Natural therapy though not totally the same with complementary medicine but could be best explained as forms of therapies that are used in making good health and healing possible and are different from conventional medicine.  As these forms of health therapies have started growing popular. It is good to list out types of natural therapies we have, such as:

  • Homeopathy
  • Herbal medicine
  • Alexander technique
  • Naturopathy
  • Osteopathy
  • Nutrition

Homeopathy: Samuel Hahnemann, who is a German Physician, is credited for devising Homeopathy. This principle is based on a substance that is capable of producing some set of symptoms in a person who is healthy, and will also create similar ones in an unhealthy person vanish when a highly diluted form is taken. Homeopathy is however difficult to practice, this due to the fact that no two forms of treatment can be the same and prescriptions are highly specific for homeopathy, therefore, making it hard to practice in clinics. In addition, homeopathy has faced many critics, while some say it’s based on outdated concepts, others say it lacks evidence and that it’s also ineffective.

Herbal medicine: Herbal medicine is regarded as the oldest and widest form of medicine in the world that involves the combination of different plants to make medicine used to make an individual healthy.  We have various examples of preparations that could be made from herbal medicine such as alcoholic extract, non-alcoholic glycerine extracts, different herbal teas, powders, capsules, tablets, and many more.

Alexander technique: This is a technique that requires or uses some skillets that recognizes body tensions and bring about exercises that help reduce the pain until it’s all gone.   

Naturopathy: A naturopathy is a form of natural therapies which is concerned with the total wholeness of an individual such that the individual is in the best state of health. Therefore it entails the treatment of a whole person, finding the major reason for symptoms or problems found. Taking into consideration social and mental factors instead of majoring on the individual’s illness.   

Nutrition: Nutrition is also a type of natural therapy that entails the prevention of illness with the use of individualized plans in a bid to cope with health challenges or complaints and improve the state of health of an individual. It is usually practiced by various health personnel which includes naturopaths, dietitians, nutritionists, and integrative medical professionals. This could include providing some information such as food types that contains specific nutrients that are important to health, and also ones that could correct some certain nutritional deficiencies. In addition, creating awareness of nutritional supplements and its uses.   

Osteopathy: This is a form of therapy that views the body of a human as an entity having different systems and also components that are connected and could affect each other. Therefore it’s used for the treatment of pain in the spine soft tissues and depends on the science of human mechanics and focus majorly on the musculoskeletal system.  Another form of natural therapies includes remedial massage and iridology.

Although natural therapies are not based on evidence and have less evidence to support their uses. It’s paramount to say there are some specific scientific researches that support certain natural therapy. Therefore it boils down to the question of the therapies that could be effective for a particular ailment or perhaps a natural therapist should be the approach for the best form of therapy to use.

What Are The Possible Questions To Ask Before Taking A Natural Therapy?

There are certain questions a patient should ask the natural therapist consulted before the individual takes a natural therapy so as to ascertain the evidence and level of effectiveness. Examples of such questions are:

  • Is there an existence of a clinical trial?
  • On what basis is the use of the particular medicine prescribed, Is it historical use or traditional knowledge?
  • What dosage is most effective for the user?
  • Could there be a side effect at present or nearest future?
  • If the individual is using a particular drug, could there be a possible interaction with this present one prescribed to the individual?

In addition,self-prescription of self-therapy is not also the best as a wrong dosage could be used which might have a negative effect. Also, natural therapy without being backup effectively by research could also be used leading to a waste of time and funds.This is because it’s important to know the benefits and risks associated with taking that particular medicine prescribed by that therapist. Therefore, to live a healthy lifestyle naturally, there is more do as naturally, therapy alone isn’t enough. For the various forms of health, there are different natural ways of living a good and healthy lifestyle. Various forms of health could be divided into the following:

What Are the Various Forms of Health And Ways Of Staying Healthy?

Physical Health: This has to do with the physical strength and the body’s general condition in terms of the presence of disease and the ability to combat diseases. That is, for an individual to be referred to as being physically fit, the individual must have a body that performs well metabolically, and with the absence of disease. Things that aids this are:

  • Adequate exercise
  • Intake of a proper and balanced diet
  • Visiting the doctor periodically

Mental Health: A lot of people have misconceptions concerning what mental health is all about. However, it simply means a lack of mental illness. It deals with an individual reaction to what life throws at him or her, the ability to cope with challenges, traumas, and also good news. It is a perfect way an individual blends the ambitions desires, emotion, and lot more. Examples of things to do in order to be mentally healthy:

  • Sleeping well
  • Exercising regularly and eating properly
  • Absence of intake of harmful drugs
  • Interaction with friends and family also proper socialization
  • Lack of intake of cigarette and alcohol

Social Health: This deals majorly with our interpersonal relationships such as how we behave, interact, and live in the community. An individual that is socially balanced knows how to interact with people, friends, and family around him or her. For the ones that are imbalanced societally, they have a lot of challenges and sometimes relate ina similar way to those that have a mental illness.

Environmental Health: This has to do with an individual controlling and regulating environmental factors around that could influence one’s health.  Several factors such as instability in the economy, poverty, vandalization, and poor use of natural resources pose a threat to environmental health. Wherever environmental health is taking serious, there are lots of merits shown such as:

  • Reduction in air pollution
  • Reduction in environmental pollution
  • Conservation of energy
  • Environmental cleanliness is preserved.

Emotional Health:  This talks about what and how a person feels about his or her self, also about the quality of the relationships kept and how to regulate or control one’s feelings whether good or bad. Therefore, for an individual to be regarded as being healthy emotionally, the person would have total control of his emotions and also have a strong relationship. Emotion health is very important as it’s important to know how to master our emotions. Poor emotional health could lead to difficulty in relationships and poor mental health. One can increase his emotional health by looking good, showing concern and helping others, and to ignore critics.

Spiritual Health: This is another form of health that makes an individual believe in a higher being in the form of God. Research has shown that these that have faith in or keep spirituality alive have improved health wisely. It could be from depression, or cancers or infertility, stress, high blood pressure, heart diseases, and many more. Therefore the medical science does not totally ignore the fact that spirituality helps in alleviating one’s illness.

Therefore it’s apparently important to live a balanced life in all these aspects of health to be able to preserve our natural health. Living a healthy lifestyle is when an individual decides to live a lifestyle that prevents diseases and embraces good health. As the popular saying goes ‘health is wealth’ our happiness and success in life depend greatly on our health.

What Are The Various Factors That Could Affect Good Health?

Good health is dependent on many factors such as:

  • The condition of an individual’s surrounding environment
  • An individual genetic trait
  • Level of income of an individual
  • Where an individual lives
  • Education Background
  • The individual level of relationship with his family and even friends

What Are Principles To keep In Order To Live An Health Lifestyle?

While a lot of people want to stay healthy, it looks like an unattainable goal. It’s necessary to say that whatever changes any individual has to make, it doesn’t just come easy like that but needs a lot of discipline and determination. To live a natural and healthy lifestyle, this among a long list are things to do:

  • Drinking of water must be regular: the regular intake of water keeps the body hydrated.
  • Invest in herb and more of vegetable: Rather than taking junk or carbonated drinks, the intake of herb and vegetables goes a long way in improving an individual’s natural health.
  • Do away with processed food: to keep up with living a healthy life, a strong rule an individual must abide by is to keep off processed food. Therefore it’s important to nourish yourself with a perfect blend of vegetables, protein from plants, fruits, grains, and unsaturated fats.
  • Increase the Intake of Vitamins: increase in the intake of diets that increase our vitamin level cannot be overemphasized.
  • Get adequate sleep: for you to attain good health naturally, it’s important an individual find adequate time resting. It’s recorded that about 30% and 40% of men and women respectively have insomnia mostly as a result of not spending adequate time to sleep. It’sadvisable an individual can take about 8 hours of rest regularly. This has a long way in keeping us natural mentally and physically okay and this also goes a long way in affecting our social and work life positively. However, due to some reasons, many people either have restlessness in sleeping or some can’t get sleep at all or for any other reason one could sleep then by following necessary precaution such as:
  • Taking a cool bath.
  • Unplugging any form of distraction such as phones, computers and whatsoever gadget that could distract one from sleep.
  • Have a constant time to sleep. This consistency programs the body towards it. Initially, a bedtime alarm could be set.
  • Using natural aids to find sleep could also help.
  • Keep away from Alcohol: since Alcohol has a dehydrating power and very high in calories, it’s important it’s reduced to the barest minimum or not taken at all.
  • Eat more of Probiotics and Fiber to take care of your guts: the intake of probiotics food such as sauerkraut, yogurt, fiber, and probiotic supplements protect the gut from chronic diseases, such as obesity by serving bacteria fuel in the gut.
  • Drinking of Some cups of Water Before Meals: while it’s good to take many cups of water per day is equally important to avoid drinking water while eating as much as possible. This is because studies have shown that there is about a 44% increase in an individual’s weight loss when an individual drink about 500ml cup of water about 30 minutes before eating. And also burns calories.
  • Reduce the intake of burnt food.
  • Avoid being exposed to bright light when you want to sleep.
  • Reduce the intake of fried food also.
  • Reduce the intake of sugar and salt also.
  • Regular exercise or workout is paramount: to keep up with the natural health lifestyle, it’s important you do exercises regularly such as sit-up and press-ups. The exercise could be done early in the morning and before retiring at night.

Taking these things into consideration will go a long way to give you a healthy lifestyle naturally. As mention above, work-out or exercise is also important and keeps the body in good condition. There are many aspects to consider in order to make the workout effective.

What Exactly is The major Difference Between Workout And Exercises?

While exercise is regarded as a single form of movement(can be done once) and it is done to improve the individual’s physical fitness, Workout is the long term form of exercise and training carried out by most athletes. It’s a series of exercises. However, before exercising or performing work-out several things happens, and they are termed- work out which is usually common among athletes and it’s with the use of pre-workout nutrition. This is nutrition that they use in order to suddenly boost their energy and also for quick recovery or better performance before and for exercise or workout period. When pre work out nutrition is to be taken, it could be a snack or even a meal or a supplement which is very common. However, protein and carbohydrate must be essentially represented in natural pre-workout nutrition.

What Are The Forms and Examples Of Pre-Work Out Nutrition:

  • Pre-workout as a snack

A snack is a form of pre-workout nutrition that should be taken when very close to the workout period usually about 25-40 minutes before work out since the digestion would be very fast. Examples are banana, berries and yogurt, eggs, and many more.

  • Pre-work Out as a meal

Since meals take a longer time to digest, it is always better taking pre-workout meals about 2-3 hours before exercises are performed. This is to allow proper digestion and subsequently, a sufficient supply of energy to the muscles. It’s important to note that carbohydrate and protein should be present in the meal in adequate quantity. The list of examples is not exhaustive but to mention a few such as vegetables, tuna, brown rice, or even chicken.

  • Pre-workout as supplement

The ingredients used for these supplements are majorly gotten from caffeine and they contain ingredients such as l-citrulline, creatine, amino acid, beta-alanine. They could be in the form of powder, capsules, liquid, bars, and tablets. It’s important to also drink plenty of fluid such as water. This is to make the body properly hydrated before commencing exercise or workout.

What Are The Several Ingredients Used In Making Pre-Work Out Supplement?

  • Creatine: is a chemical that is produced in the body specifically in the kidney and in the liver and can also produce energy on its own. Its energy is stored in the skeletal muscle and could act as a supplement on its own. It enhances muscle power and strength.
  • Caffeine is regarded as the most common supplement type. It does various activities such as creating a high level of mental concentration, energy, and alertness. However, it could cause dizziness, arrhythmia, insomnia, and even anxiety.
  • Beta-alanine: this is an ingredient contained in the pre-workout supplement. It is an amino acid produced in the liver and it fights fatigue in the muscles and also enhances performances in a short series of intense exercise.
  • Taurine: it aids faster recovery and also brings about increased strength and endurance and also reducing damage in the muscles. It is commonly found in most energy drinks.
  • Citrulline: this also produced in the body. It’s an amino acid also found in some food supplements. It increases endurance and strength.

Why is Pre Workout Important And What Makes It Important?

Natural pre-workout is important for the following reasons:

  • It improves an individual physical’s performance.
  • It also has a way of enhancing an individual mood and attention.
  • When used, it burns fats instead of the carbohydrate present in the body hence enhancing lipid oxidation.
  • When there is fasted training, it prevents muscle loss.
  • Fat cells are broken down when adrenaline is boosted.
  • A large amount of energy is supplied.
  • Aid speedy recovery of the muscles and also improves blood flow.

What Are The Possible Side effects Of Using Pre Workout Nutrition?

  • There could gastrointestinal upset.
  • There could also be jitteriness.
  • There could be a strain in the cardiovascular system.
  • Overexertion is also possible.
  • Heart rate could be increased.

Why Is Workout Important And What Makes It Even Important?

  • It helps in weight reduction: exercise helps in consuming more calories and also aid fast metabolic act. Thereby reducing an individual’s weight.
  • It plays a vital role in the muscle and Bones: Workout has a way to prevent Osteoporosis and also builds very strong bones and great muscles.
  • It could increase an individual energy level: Workout from time to time can increase the energy level of an individual. Even for individuals having fatigue.
  • It could prevent or reduce the rate of having chronic diseases: some chronic diseases could because as a result of lack of exercise. Because lack of exercise could lead to diseases such as diabetics, obesity, and others.
  • It reduces skin aging: it helps free flow of blood and reduces skin aging of an Individual.
  • It improves memory retention and brain health
  • It enhances sex life: sex life is enhanced by exercise for instance, exercise reduces men erectile dysfunction.
  • It aids pain reduction and could also increase pain tolerance.
  • Its aid Relaxation and increases sleep quality.

What Advice Should Be Given To Individuals Who Want A Healthy Life?

To live in good health naturally is possible. However, a lack of discipline and determination could spur one’s chances of living a natural and healthy lifestyle. However, if the listed options of using natural therapy, partaking in exercises, and also following normal principles of natural health will help an individual to live a healthy lifestyle. It’s also necessary to note that the use of natural therapy costs low.