Tips To Stop Weight Gain

Due to improper dieting or haphazard eating ways, we unknowingly tend to gain weight and thereafter proceed to do the hard yards in order to reduce them. There are two disadvantages in following this process – You may choose a regime that may be hard for you to follow and this may result in you losing interest, or if you are not disciplined enough, you may give up after a few days. If you think that your weight is ideal and you wish to maintain it, here are a selection of tips that will help you achieve your goals.

  1. Don’t indulge: When out for a party or on a night out, we tend to indulge more. Though it may seem fun, you should choose wisely what you eat, and even while boozing, you shouldn’t drink in excess because the more you drink, the more you eat and this will automatically lead to weight gain.
  2. Avoid oversleeping: Many of us have a tendency to oversleep (mostly on holidays) and especially during mornings because there seems to be little to do. Though an average 7-8 hour sleep is required to replenish the human body, sleeping in excess can also lead to weight gain.
  3. Trying walking and taking the elevator for a change: The nearest coffee shop or your friend’s place may be a good 10 minutes away. The mind may tell you to commute by a vehicle to cover that distance but don’t give in to personal cravings. Try making it on foot if time isn’t a constraint and providing the distance is walkable. By doing so, not only will your body get a good workout but any extra fat will get burnt. The same applies to take the stairs or the elevator. Going by elevator may be the easier option but try pushing yourself to use the steps.
  4. Avoid visiting places where you know that you will be tempted to binge: It may be your favorite ice cream parlor or it may be the best snack shop around the town but try to avoid it! You know that if you reach within that places’ vicinity, your taste buds will automatically start salivating and you won’t be able to resist the temptation. So rather than traveling to the place and then trying to resist the urge, it would be far better to avoid it altogether. Even if you have no option but to go there, make a conscious effort to not carry excess money because this may entice you to eat.

So, weight watchers, these are not tips to help you lose or gain weight but to help you maintain your weight.