Weight Benches And Imagination Make The Best Home Gym

When wanting to set up a home gym, all you really need is a space, i.e. a separate room dedicated to the purpose, a few weight benches, and a few dumbbells. You do not need the latest and greatest, most expensive equipment out there and with said equipment, you can make a good start and build from there. A weight bench is nothing but a sturdy 3 foot plus long, 1-foot wide padded bench that will form the bases for your workout equipment. Some can be adjusted to be elevated and will set you back less than $100 new and even less second hand.

With your imagination, you can use two benches to thoroughly train a number of muscle groups from pectorals (chest), triceps (back of the arm), and deltoids (shoulders). If you add a few dumbbells you can add the biceps, forearm muscles, and even legs with exercises such as dumbbell squats to your repertoire.

An example of using your benches to exercise the pectorals is the high-intensity pushup. You align the benches about two to three feet apart, parallel to each other, and assume the pushup position on top of them, one hand on each bench. You then can go down as far as you can before you push back up. You can start with your feet on the floor and later place them on a third bench increasing the effectiveness of the exercise. Another exercise example is the backhand dip between the two benches for the triceps.

As you continually can afford it you can add a couple of bench press racks that can go either side of a bench and some barbells. If you want to expand your choices even further you can add some even more specialized gym benches such as preacher curl benches or Olympic multi benches.

The point is that you can start off with a simple utility flat weight bench and as your knowledge increases and consequently your need to specialize further you can acquire the more specialized equipment. Who knows where you could go from there because if you put together a nicely equipped home gym, maybe you could start charging people in your neighborhood to use it if they so wish. Thus you can create a nice little income on the side as well.

How To Find A Cheap Treadmill

Many would agree that treadmills are a really good way to get the needed exercise and make a great addition to any home gym. However, if you don’t already have one, you may find them to be a bit expensive, but you can go the route of purchasing a cheap treadmill which means big savings.

The important thing to keep in mind when buying cheap treadmills is that there are cheap in terms of price and cheap in quality. Surely you do not want to have cheap and poor in quality exercise equipment since it can result in injury. So, you have three options when it concerns buying cheap treadmills. First, there are used treadmills that may be just as good as brand new ones, so be wise. Option two is reconditioned treadmills that are also like new and are normally for sale by gyms that are updating their equipment. Lastly, you can opt to buy a treadmill that has basic functions. To start your search for a cheap treadmill, you should begin by looking at local newspapers for people who want to sell their equipment. It’s important that you don’t agree to purchase the treadmill until you see it in person and check out its condition.

If this does not pan out, then you can also hit the thrift stores which may have used treadmills; in this situation, make sure you also take special care to ensure that the treadmill is in good working order before purchasing it. On the other hand, if you want a reconditioned treadmill, then why not visit a fitness center that is updating their equipment and selling the old stuff? Of course, another great option is to look online. There are many sites wherein you can find used and reconditioned equipment like this. In the cases above, see to it that you do your part and check the condition of the treadmill before bringing it home. Remember, before you purchase anything, you first have to know what you’re actually looking for.

When it comes to treadmills, think whether you plan to walk or run, want a built-in program, want the inclined type, or do you want the option of having handrails? You should know what you want when buying a cheap treadmill, as this makes it much easier to find the right one.

Wii Fit Plus: A Solid Upgrade From The Original System

So you jumped on the Wii Fit Bandwagon a few years ago when the game first came out and was impressed with the system, the balance board, and the game. Then where is the balance board now?

Well, if you stuffed the board under the bed after you got bored silly with the simplistic workouts and lack of customization that the Wii Fit served up, you may have a good reason to pull the balance board out again and hook it back up to the Wii. It may now have a place back in the living room with the Wii Wheel, the Zapper, and the rest of your Wii accessories.

The newest version of the Wii Fit aims to address all of these complaints and get you back on your balance board and back in shape. The Plus model is the sequel to Wii Fit and although there are the same workout routines as in the Wii Fit, it also comes with a bunch of new functionality and features. It is really just new features added to the same interface but the overall effect is that makes the game and the workouts much more realistic in terms of the time it takes to actually complete a workout that is customized for you.

There are issues with this latest game as well, but they are not so glaring as the problems the Wii Fit had and the improvement that has been made to the interface, the additional exercise routines, and the customization more than make up for minor quirks. This new game is also much better positioned to go head to head with the immensely popular EA Sports Active which took advantage of the shortfalls in Wii Fit.

The reason the Wii Fit originally got so much press and so many people excited about exercise again was the revolutionary Nintendo technology that tracked your movements via the Wii Fit balance board and the Nunchuk and mimicked these movements to the TV screen. You wanted to “score” 25 sit-ups just like shooting down 25 alien spaceships and so it piggybacked the exercise with our love of playing games, our competitive nature, and groundbreaking new gaming technology. You also wanted to get it right when the game told you that you were doing something wrong or your center of balance was off. And the virtual trainer cheered you on!

The main problem with the game though was that while you could find little 2-minute exercise routines to follow, but there was no cohesive way to create and save a workout routine. The menu system was confusing and the overall effect was that it would take you 30 minutes to do a 15-minute workout circuit with lots of menus switching along the way. And that was after you knew what you were doing. Ultimately, the cool technology wore off, and all but the die-hard Wii Fit fans either switched to another game like EA Sports Active or they just quit using the Wii for exercise.

The new Plus model does fix most of the shortfalls of the first version of Wii Fit. There are now custom workout routines that you can create and save. If you want to do some sit-ups, then jog the track for 10 minutes, and cap it all off with a yoga routine, you can stitch all of that together and the game will save the exercises for you to play again another time. This is huge.

There are now suggested routines that come pre-programmed for things like an aerobic workout, calorie burns, warm-up, etc. Also new is the Training Plus module that shows all of the new features in a quick access menu so you can get up to speed quickly with the new features in the Plus. And finally, the new game content like skateboarding is nice. It definitely adds some fun and spice to the system and should keep many of the people that complained about the dull workouts in Wii Fit happy.

Overall the Plus is a solid upgrade to the original. It is not all new, but more like needed content and features that should have been there in the first place have now been added. And it is still not the best workout game for the Wii and the Wii Fit Balance Board. But, it is definitely a solid game and a good introductory game for working out with the Wii.

Inversion Tables – Are They Really Beneficial?

Inversion tables are mainly designed to help people that have pain or discomfort in their bodies. A lot of this pain comes from the back which has many nerves and ligaments that can become pinched.

For those of you that are not familiar with what inversion tables are then it would be good for you to find out because they have tremendous benefit for those that understand what they are, what they do, and how they can benefit you. It also can be used for people that play a lot of sports and a lot of pressure and stress on their bodies.

The table basically allows you to unwind or reverse the pressure and stress that the body puts on the spine. This is mostly due to gravity as well as what you do with your body such as how you sleep or how you exercise. The benefit comes from relieving the pain or pressure that is naturally put on your body every day. With regular use of one of these tables, you will feel a noticeable improvement in how you feel on a day-to-day basis.

Inversion tables for back pain are one of the most common uses of these types of products. Many people that have chronic back pain had not previously been able to get enough relief from the pain to be able to go through a full day without some type of discomfort.

The inversion table has changed that because they can now on a daily basis receive relief from that pressure and stress that is placed on the body regularly. This helps for the long-term benefit because they can actually help to strengthen the muscles in the back and all over to help prevent the chronic pain from being as bad or helping to relieve it more permanently.