Weight loss Kid Tips

Weight loss for kids necessary?

The rise in obesity in the world is already alarming, but now, the rise in obesity in children is worrying and it’s going to be shocking in the near future. Reports have found that the number of overweight children has doubled in the last 2 decades and the stats are out of every 5 children, at least 1 is overweight!

That’s 20 %! NHANES reported that the percentage of overweight children between the ages of 6-11 has increased by 11.1 % in the last 2 decades and the percentage in overweight adolescents has increased by 10.9 %. The percentage increase will be sharper as technology in home entertainment gets better and more delicious snacks are being created. Why? Well, children are just not interested in outdoor activities anymore; they can just play football on the Play Station, children don’t walk to school or to libraries anymore because the city is too dangerous and polluted. Children are getting less and less more mobile. Adults understand the need of getting the weight off because we have plenty of motivation around us like sex and afraid of dying. But for children, they don’t have this external motivation to motivate them to eat healthily and keep fit until they reach 17 and above, even by then it is too late!

Why worry?

There are hundreds of illnesses related to obesity. Children who are obese expose themselves to type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and increased risk of heart disease, asthma, and sleeping problems. These diseases will affect the children’s lives in the future as conditions worsen. Plus, obesity in children can cause weight-bearing joint pains, lower self-esteem, and affects relationships with peers. This will not cause danger to health but their social development is at risk.

What is the weight loss solution?

Recognizing and admitting that your child is overweight is the first most important step. We have seen parents that stack up against their fridge with soft drinks and chocolates even though they know that their child is overweight. They have to have a lifeline that cannot be accepted anymore. Action must be taken now before it’s too late! Did you know that 300,000 deaths each year are linked to obesity, due to poor eating habits and lack of exercise? People spent an estimated $ 100 billion, yes, let me repeat that, a $ 100 billion in cost to fight obesity. Sure you don’t want to be in any part of this.

What causes obesity in children?

Poor eating habits are habits like skipping breakfast and meals, snacking while watching television, eating too fast, and late-night snacking.

Overeating or binging: Overwhelming of food and desserts on the table can lead to overeating. Not only that, skipping meals can result in binging or overeating because they feel really hungry when dinnertime comes and they overeat because the feeling of hunger is so great!

Lack of exercise: The lack of activities is one of the main reasons that kids are overweight these days. If the calories out are lesser than the calories in, then the child will gain weight. Due to too many video games and a variety of TV programs on the air today, kids just don’t find outdoor activities interesting anymore. Kids are just spending hours and hours on the computer and TV and snacking all the way. Definitely they will gain weight!

Family history: This is where like father like son. Children, who have obese parents, have higher chances of being obese (Dietz, 1983). Ross & Pate reported that in 1987 that obesity in children may be due to the powerful genetic factors or to parental modeling of both eating and exercise behaviors.

Stressful life events: Stressful life events like parent’s divorce; abuse and deaths can provoke obesity in children. Due to the environment, the child will tend to isolate itself and they will try to cope with these stressful events by eating comfort foods. Low self-esteem also causes obesity as children with that problem to isolate themselves and the only joy they could find is in food, TV, and computer games as these activities do not require human interactions. They would not go out and play sports because they are shy and paranoid thinking that people are laughing at him. Parents and friends should really support children that have this problem because deep inside, they are suffering. Depressions also fall under this category where the child is not in control and they really really need parents support!

What Should you do?

Clean out the fridge and put them in a weight loss program! The first thing you do is clean out the fridge. If you want to put your child into a weight loss program and help them lose weight, do not stock snacks and soft drinks in the fridge. Yeah, they will complain, but it’s for their own good. So try to explain to them why it’s unhealthy for them and instead, blend up a fruit juice for them or pour in a glass of low-fat milk for them. Make sure that your fridge is stock up with healthy and tasty stuff like low-fat yogurt, low-fat milk, dark chocolates, fruits, and perhaps a few cans of diet coke. Soon they will break that habit and will not remember how Snicker chocolate bar tastes likes. Of course, this healthy stuff has calories too, so limit them as well, make them look like very expensive and important snacks and only on special occasions only they can eat it. They will find it lazy to go outside and buy and save some money by just snacking on some healthy food that you have provided for them. If you want some snacks, place a small fridge in your bedroom and eat it where they can’t see you. Setting the environment right is the key thing here. Help your child change eating habits for weight loss! If your child is really overweight, in the obese category, it is advisable to enroll him in a weight-management program or a weight loss camp. It pays to have expert hands-on help because your children’s future is at risk. You have got to monitor and help shape your child’s eating habits like eating slowly, fully chewing the food before swallowing and help portion your children’s food. This in return will slow down the eating process and gives the stomach a chance to digest and signal the brain to stop eating. Make a point and keep in the stern that eating only at the dinner table, by making this rule, your child will find it stressful to snack in front of the TV and bedroom and eventually stop that bad habit. This will help reduce the calorie intake per day and eventually experience weight loss. Pack healthy lunches and snacks for them to take to school and take a visit to the canteen and see what they serve. Remind them no stay away from unhealthy food and take an interest in what they eat. Cook and prepare healthy snacks for your children. Use Goji juice and mix them in your child drinks, a fruit smoothie, or into your whole-wheat pancakes. It weight loss supplement for kids and it tastes like cranberry or cherry and the kids will think it’s a dessert. It’s a natural herbal weight loss supplement that helps promote health and weight loss. Yes, this will feel like nagging to them but that’s actually the main goal! Psychologically, this tactic is called negative reinforcement where the aim is to break a habit in order to break away from things that they think are negative. They dislike nagging and the only way to stop you from nagging is to eat healthily, stop snacking, stop eating in front of the TV and room and practice proper eating habits. Sooner or later they will! Sounds logical? Oh yeah, do not use food as a reward!

Give them sports equipment to take them for a holiday where there is a lot of walking and outdoor activities are involved as a reward instead. To help with the weight loss program, keep on encouraging your kids to drinks lots of water as sometimes we feel hungry when we are dehydrated but actually we are not. Make sure they drink water after a small meal or in between a meal as the water will mix with a meal and cause some bloating signaling the brain that the stomach is full and stop eating. Be a role model! If you want to encourage your children to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle, you yourself must be a role model and be involved in a weight loss program with them. You have to practice what you preach. To them, the parents, you, are the person that they look up to and respect. If mummy can have ice cream every day, the daughter or son also wants to be like mommy. It will be much fun and convincing for them and it motivates them to change their habits if there are people who love doing it with them. Plus, all the rules that you set in order for your child to lose weight will easier be accepted and followed if the head does it as well. Exercise for weight loss and health!!!! This a key element to your children’s weight loss success! Changing eating habits and limiting them from snacks is depriving, so to cope up with it, they have to exercise and do something fun. Find out what your children like to do and then encourage them by giving them support, offer them a ride to the basketball court, better yet, cheer on them, and give them a ride home. Give them sports equipment and sporting clothes of their sports heroes as gifts. If the kid is old enough, 16 years onwards, enroll them in a gym and hire a personal trainer for a program or two. Ask the trainer to teach them how to exercise, love it, and stick with it. Of course, the trainer must be Ace certified or other similar certifications. This will help your children’s weight loss program even faster. The goal here is to keep your children as active as possible so that they stay away from the food and TV and never ever to become a couch potato! Yes, you might think to lead a healthy lifestyle is just for health but some of us never thought that increased fitness has a direct correlation with success in life! Many leaders around the world are preaching on health and fitness because they know that the future is in the children’s hands and they know that if the population of these children is getting fatter by the day, the future economy and productivity will suffer because sickness and disease will hold them back! Need some info on what to eat when you are out? Sometimes you can’t choose which one is better to fast food for your child or you when your choice is really just fast food.