Yoga and Lifestyle

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Our lifestyle has changed drastically then what it used to be a few years back. Our life has become very fast and we don’t even have time for ourselves. There has been a lot of changes in the working process of the human body. This is because of us only. Our body is going under a lot of chemical changes. Hormones in our body guide various parts of how they should work. They are produced by endocrine glands. They guide blood and kidney, liver, sexual organs, nervous, etc. The real problem is with chemicals made by us. Chemicals that we were using in different sectors are affecting us now like DDT. Few of them are even banned. Such chemicals disrupt hormones. On average there are 100 chemicals present in the human body. PCBs are one of the most harmful chemicals which has been banned. It will take a few years to get out of this environmental hazard.

Change of lifestyle reflects from the fact that if we ask someone whether that person is more interested in the living of thinking about dying then most will answer dying. Miracles happen these days. People are changing to a vegetarian diet, going for yoga and meditation, and even moderate exercise that helps in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Patients doing this have 84% chances of not getting another heart attack.

People have now started to realize that living healthy is more important than becoming very wealthy. Yoga and Meditation have become a priority in their life. They have started valuing their children more than anyone else. They now avoid differences and even competition. They try to help others get out of their problem and feel good by doing this. This new physiological climax is helping people become happier as love helps in making person energetic than depleting. It sanctifies the mind and the body than rather hiding it as a mistake.

The kind of lifestyle that we have, nobody can deny that we are under stress. Stressful life starts from the day we take birth. First, we have the stress of completing homework and then go on and on and on. There are various kinds of stress that we are under like environmental stress. This can be at a workplace where you are been looked to perform well under too much work. This can be due to your arguments with your spouse or on the disobey of your children. It can be even if you have to follow or surpass the standard set by people around. This can be in fashion or car they use etc. Your stress can aggregate further if you feel that you are fat and need to slim a little. There can be another type of stress on the working of your body in which you consume such things for which your body has to work hard to digest them. This is a kind of stress too. One can reduce or nullify the effect of these problems by practicing different sutras of yoga at least once a day. By doing so you will feel a drastic change in your life as you will feel more relaxed than ever before.